Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Day of "School"

While Daddy and all my teacher friends went back to school today, Baby Bee and I spent our day like this:

4:00 am nursing, pumping

5:30 Baby Bee back to bed while Mama Bee:
  • put out meat for dinner
  • ran dishwasher
  • packed Daddy's lunch
  • dried a load of diapers
  • started load #1 of baby clothes
  • worked on the budget
  • ate breakfast
  • showered
  • dusted master bedroom

8:45 nursing, pumping

9:15 playtime together
  • tummy time
  • mat time
  • reading
  • picture for daddy

10:30 bath

11:00 nursing, pumping

11:30 nap for Baby Bee while Mama Bee:
  • ate lunch
  • dried load #1 of baby clothes
  • started load #2
  • unloaded dishwasher
12:30 awake time
  • singing and rhyming
  • practice holding keys
  • reading
1:15 nap time for Baby Bee while Mama Bee
  • folded and put away laundry load #1
  • made dinner
  • cleaned up kitchen
2:15 nursing, pumping

3:00 Sleepy Wrap while Mama made the salad for dinner

  • Walgreens
  • chiropractor
  • nursing
  • handbell rehearsal

6:45 dinner with Daddy
7:15 Mama cleaned up the dinner dishes while Daddy loved on Baby Bee
7:30 nursing, pumping
8:15 quiet time
9:00 bed

No wonder I'm so tired each day! I've worked much harder as a stay home mom than I have in the classroom. But it's also so much more rewarding!

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