Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Reviews on Systems We've Used in the Hive

I'm addicted to fluff!  It's so much fun to try different diapers and receive fluffy mail. We decided to cloth diaper for several reasons:
  • Over time, they are more economical in comparison to buying disposable diapers
  • They are more environmentally responsible than disposables
  • They are better on Baby Bee's skin

Here is a quick list of our stash we have in the Hive. Click on the individual names to read detailed reviews.

~Kissaluv Marvel OS
~Lil Joeys for Newborns

~BabyKicks 3G (review coming soon!)  
   At 12-13 pounds, it's too large for Baby Bee.  I'll try it again when she's a bit bigger.
~Fuzzibunz Perfect Size
~KaWaii OS (detailed review coming soon!)At 12-13 pounds, it doesn't fit snugly around Baby Bee's legs and leaked poo on the first wear.  She has skinny legs so to be fair, I'll give this diaper another try when she's a bit bigger to see if the legs fit better.
 ~Rumparooz G2 OS 

~Best Bottoms
~GroVia OS 

~  Bummis Bamboozle (review coming soon!) The sizing doesn't seem to be very accurate. The large is supposed to fit 10-35 pounds but at 16-17 pounds, it's still too large for Baby Bee. There's no elastic around the legs so they gap badly.  I'll try it again when she's a bit bigger
~Nifty Nappy (review coming soon!)
~Nifty Nappy Heavy Doody (review coming soon!)