Monday, February 7, 2011

Kissaluv Fitted and Marvel Cover

Overall: love it!
Type: fitted
w/o cover approx. 12 pounds
Fastening: strong snaps with lifetime guarantee on both the fitted diaper and the cover; the cover has double snaps on both wings
Inserts: n/a
Cover: wipe-able PUL

Absorbency and Containment
Urine:excellent absorbency since the entire diaper is absorbent rather than just an insert
Solids: excellent job on containing messes; even with a huge blowout, we were leak-free!

Legs: diaper legs are snug and comfortable; cover has double gussets that are comfortable and soft
Rise: adjustable fit in both rise and waist; size 0 (newborn) has snap down center for a healing navel
Trimness: diaper is trim and fits like a disposable; cover is more bulky between the legs and around the waist depending on the baby's build - that's the nature of the beast with OS though - all of the unused portion of the diaper has to go somewhere

Changing Inserts: n/a
Speed and ease: changing the fitted is just as fast as changing a disposable; more time is required when using the cover due to the double snaps on each wing (if both aren't snapped, the underside of the wing is unattached and will cause leaks)
w/o cover approx. 12 pounds
Space/Storage: take up considerable space in diaper bags and changing tables

Washing: for fitteds use same routine as other CDs; covers are thin enough to be hand-washed if necessary
Drying: cover drips dry quickly or can be tossed in dryer on low; dry time for fitted diapers comparable to regular laundry loads

Length of Use: fitteds are limited since they have to be purchased in sizes 0, 1, or 2; cover is unlimited at one size
Price: $13.95 per fitted (colors); $16.95 per cover; we purchased a Bundle of Joy starter pack in both small and medium. The pack included 6 fitted diapers, 1 Marvel cover, 12 terry wipes, 3 booster doublers, and 4 oz Lotion Potion spray for $99.00

Other Comments
w/ cover approx. 12 pounds
We've had no leaks or blowouts due to the fantastic absorbency and great fit around the legs on the cover. The cover takes some getting used to snapping on a smaller baby though. There are the double snaps which must be done to prevent leaks and the unused snaps for growth can get in the way. I find it's more difficult to do during the middle of the night changes when I'm already tired.

Also at smaller weights, the cover is a bit bulky because of all the gathering in the front from all the unused material. With weight gain, the cover will smooth out.

This diaper system does really well for naps and overnight when paired with a Kissaluv doubler.

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