Monday, February 7, 2011

Lil Joey by Rumparooz Review

4 days 7 pounds 12 ounces

Overall: pleased

Type: AIO
Fastening: strong snaps
Interior: 4 layers of microfiber
Cover: PUL

Absorbency and Containment
Urine: good; they're small so they only contain so much; we changed every 1.5 hours
Solids: "poop scoop" design and double interior gussets keep explosions contained

4 days 7 pounds 12 ounces
Legs: double gussets have snug elastic
Waist and Rise: umbilical cord snap-down; 2 rows of rise snaps
Trimness: thicker than disposables creates some bulk but they fit well under onesies

Changing Inserts: n/a
Speed and ease: just as quick and easy as changing disposables
Space/Storage: take up considerable room in diaper bag and changing table

Washing: same routine as other CDs
Drying: thickness of 4 layers makes considerable dry time

approx. 8.5 pounds
Length of Use: limited from 5-12 pounds approximately
Price: $30 per pair

Other Comments
Baby Bee wore Lil Joeys until she was about 10 pounds. Because of her long torso, she outgrew them before the 12 pound expectation.

Overall, we were very pleased with these diapers. We had some leaking problems but realized it was because she was outgrowing them.

Lil Joeys come in vivid solids and cute prints. They make newborn bums quite adorable.

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