Monday, February 7, 2011


Overall: just okay

Type:sized AI2/hybrid
Fastening: high quality velcro wraps around back of waist (great for keeping LO from taking them off)
Inserts: cotton inserts fit in plastic liner which snaps into cover
Cover: cotton

Absorbency and Containment
approx. 9 pounds
Urine:good absorbency for the cotton inserts though they do need to be changed frequently to avoid leaks; good absorbency for the bio inserts
Solids: some poo usually escapes liner and gets onto the inside of the shell requiring a full change

Legs: loose band like that on a tshirt sleeve or neck; soft and comfortable
Rise: not adjustable; rides a bit high on smaller infants since the band touches the navel
Trimness:overall trim fit; fit well under onsies

Changing Inserts: two steps 1) place new insert into liner 2) snap liner into the four corners of the shell; handling inserts and liners with poo on them can be messy
Speed and ease: slightly more time consuming than disposables even if liners are kept pre-loaded and rotated due to the 4 snaps
Space/Storage: take up minimum space in diaper bags and changing tables

Washing: for inserts use same routine as other CDs; shells and liners can be washed with regular loads
Drying: liners drip dry quickly; dry time for shells and inserts comparable to regular loads of t-shirts and underwear
approx. 9 pounds

Length of Use: limited; have to be purchased in S, M, L sizes as baby grows
Price: $30 for a two pack set of pants and liners; $30 for a set of 6 inserts, $14.50 for a 40 pack of disposable inserts

Other Comments
An advantage to this system is that they are available at Target and BRU rather than online diaper shops only.

We experienced several leaks with this system. Baby Bee has skinny legs and needs snug elastic which gDiapers just don't have.

I have found that I can start a rotation of two shells for the day by always having one diaper loaded up and ready to use. When Baby Bee wets, I just switch the whole diaper completely and then clean up the first diaper and load it up for the next change. The liners wipe clean with a damp cloth very easily. Poop always gets on the inside of the cotton shell so if she pooped or had a wet leak, then the shell must be taken out of the rotation for the day and be laundered, so I end up actually using all 4 shells for the day. That's the down side to the cotton shell. That also negates some of the convenience of having the biodegradable inserts. They make diapering on the go somewhat easy because I can throw away the insert, but I still have to deal with the wet bag like an AIO should she leak or poop while we're gone.

We are on a septic system so I have NOT attempted to flush the biodegradable inserts.

I bought the gDiapers for possible use during travel. Since the cotton pants have to be washed rather than wiped down if they get wet, this system does not offer the convenience for which I was hoping.

I have noticed that the corner of the velcro strip has scratched my wrist a couple of times when I'm breastfeeding Baby Bee. It's not painful, just annoying. One other small complaint is that the plastic snaps on the liner leave marks on Baby Bee's skin. They're similar to sheet marks so they go away after a bit, but it does make me wonder if she's completely comfortable in them.

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