Monday, February 7, 2011

GroVia OS AI2

Overall: very pleased - This is Daddy Bee's favorite diaper.

approx. 13.5 pounds

Type: one size AI2/hybrid

Fastening: super soft hook and loop

Inserts: snap-in organic cotton soaker pads with waterproof backing

Shell: waterproof

Absorbency and Containment

Urine:great absorbency; the boosters make a addition for naps

approx. 13.5 pounds

Solids: breast milk poo generally escaped from the soaker pad and got onto the shell; solid poo stays contained


Legs: snug elastic leaves no gaps

Rise: 2 rows of snaps (1st row for newborn, 2nd row for infant, unsnapped for toddler)

Trimness: very trim fit; fit well under onsies


Changing Inserts: soaker pads snap inside the shell; there is a definite front and back to the soaker though so it adds an extra step

Speed and ease:very quick and easy

Space/Storage: take up minimum space in diaper bags and changing table

approx. 13.5 pounds


Washing: hot wash for soaker pads; warm wash for shells

Drying: dry time for inserts comparable to regular laundry loads; shells hang dry within a few hours


Length of Use: can be used from birth until potty training

Price: $24.95 shell and soaker set, $16.95 individual shell; $16.95 2-pack soakers, $8.50-$9.50 2-pack of boosters (stay dry or organic cotton choices)

Other Comments

I have found that I can generally rotate two shells for the day by always having one on Baby Bee and one loaded up and ready to use. When Baby Bee wets, I just switch the whole diaper completely and then hang up the first shell to air dry for the next diaper change. Before Baby Bee started eating solids, I did have to add another shell into the rotation whenever she had a messy diaper because breast milk poo would always escape from the soaker pad onto the mesh interior of the cover. This would require a full change since the covers aren't wipeable.

The soaker pads are designed in such a way that two layers of fabric are sewn together at the ends leaving the middle unattached. Because of this loose middle, poo would also run down the back side of the top layer requiring rinsing on both the outer and the middle layers of the soaker pad. It did take a bit longer to rinse off the soakers but to me, it was just a small inconvenience due to the design of the soaker.

I generally avoid hook and loop on diapers but I LOVE the H&L on the GroVia system. The tabs are stretchy for a fast and easy diaper change. It's super soft and not scratchy since it is more tape-like. It spans the entire waistband making finding the perfect fit easy! The H&L tabs stays clean so they stay fastened as they should. I have found that the maintenance is minimal compared to other systems that use H&L. I have taken the clothes shaver to the waistbands a couple of times to remove some slight pilling at the frequent use spots.

The tuck under laundry tabs are a bit of a pain, but they work really well! The tabs are short and because of the thickness of the H&L, the tabs can be difficult to tuck under the loop. I have found that I can fold the tabs lengthwise and that makes it a little easier to get them into place.

For the occasional traveling or long weekends, I really like the biodegradable Gro Via inserts because they have gussets to help contain messes.

GroVia makes many other products including AIOs (newborn size, too), wipes, liners, and detergent. To see their full list of products, visit their website

edited 5.31.11

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