Monday, February 7, 2011

Rumparooz G2 OS

Overall: very pleased


Type: pocket

Fastening: strong snaps

Inserts: 6r soaker set- full size microterry w/ snap down setting and contoured newborn microterry insert

Cover: microchamois inner; waterproof outer

Absorbency and Containment

Urine: great for daytime; have had some leaks overnight due to long stretches of sleep

Solids: "poop scoop" design and double interior gussets keep explosions contained


Legs: double interior gussets have soft and comfortable elastic

Waist and Rise: 2 rows of snaps along waist; 3 rows of rise snaps

Trimness: thicker than disposables creates some bulk but they fit well under onesies


Changing Inserts: inserts do have to be removed by hand for washing

Speed and ease: if stored pre-stuffed they are just as quick and easy as changing disposables

Space/Storage: take up considerable room in diaper bag and changing table if pre-stuffed


Washing: same routine as other CDs

Drying: pocket dry time is faster than AIO; soaker dry time is comparable to regular laundry


Length of Use: 6-35+ pounds

Price: $23.50

Other Comments

Though it is thick, this diaper fits well and is adorable on Baby Bee's bum. The newborn soaker works as a booster to add extra absorbency.

One thing that initially worried me about Rumparooz was that the diapers are made in China. I was concerned about my purchase supporting a possible sweat shop, but while I was writing this review I found out that Rumparooz had recently won a MACT award. One of the qualifications for this award is that the company provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees. You can read more here. (insert the following link )

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