Monday, February 7, 2011

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size

approx. 13.5 pounds

Overall: very pleased


Type: pocket

Fastening: strong snaps


Cover: microfleece inner; waterproof outer

Absorbency and Containment


Solids: great - we've had several blowouts with no leaks thanks to the great fit around the legs

approx. 13.5 pounds


Legs: stretchy and comfortable elastic that fits snugly

Waist and Rise: no rise adjustment but the angled placement of the snaps provides a great fit around legs and waist

Trimness: remarkably trim for a pocket diaper - since it's not a OS, there's less bulk; I forget that it's a pocket diaper when she's wearing it


Changing Inserts: n/a

Speed and ease: if stored pre-stuffed they are just as quick and easy as changing disposables

Space/Storage: take up minimal room in diaper bag and changing table even when pre-stuffed

approx. 13.5 pounds


Washing: same routine as other CDs

Drying: pocket dry time is faster than AIO; soaker dry time is comparable to regular laundry


Length of Use: 4 sizes available though most babies only need 2 or 3 sizes

extra small: 4-12 pounds small: 7-18 pounds medium: 15-30 pounds large: 25-45+ pounds

Price: $17.95

Other Comments

This diaper fits beautifully on Baby Bee's skinny bum and legs; it's absolutely adorable on her. At 19 pounds, Baby Bee still wears the small so I feel that the sizing is generous. I'm hoping that with that generous sizing, we can use mediums up until potty training and not have to order larges. While I have had several of these diapers delaminate, Fuzzibunz replaced them for me and assured me that any that delaminate after my one year warranty will also be taken care of. I am overall pleased with the Fuzzibunz Perfect Size.

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