Monday, February 7, 2011

Kissaluv Marvel Review

Overall: okay (doesn't fit snugly around BB's legs)


approx. 11 pounds
Type: AIO
Fastening: strong snaps with lifetime guarantee and overlapping wings
Interior: attached stay-dry fleece soaker
Cover: PUL

Absorbency and Containment
Urine: great
Solids: great

Legs: 1soft and comfortable elastic
Waist and Rise: snaps along waistline; 2 rows of rise snaps
Trimness: slightly bulky between the legs and around waist depending on baby's size - that's the nature of the beast with OS diapers since all of the unused portion has to go somewhere

Changing Inserts: while the insert doesn't need to be changed, it does need to be restuffed after washing
Speed and ease: just as quick and easy as changing disposables
Space/Storage: take up considerable room in diaper bag and changing table

Washing: same routine as other CDs
Drying: dry time is faster than other AIOs due to the fact that the insert washes out and essentially washes and dries as a pocket diaper

Length of Use: 7-35 pounds
Price: $22.95

Other Comments
We've been lucky to not have any leaks because this diaper doesn't fit Baby Bee's skinny legs and bum very well. I try to get the rise and waist adjusted as tight as possible without being uncomfortable and it still leaves a small gap on the bottom of her thighs. She might grow into it more later on, but this should be a good diaper for chubbier legs.

The Marvel's claim to fame is that it is a "self-cleaning, no stuffing" diaper. I find the self-cleaning claim accurate since the soaker agitates out during the wash. I do find the no stuffing claim a bit of a stretch because once the soaker works itself out in the wash, it has to be stuffed back into the pocket and worked it into the corners. I'm not sure if the convenience of not touching the dirty diaper is worth the expense in comparison to most of my pocket diapers (RaR excluded) though since their care is the same.

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