Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Bee Cloth Diaper

I had the opportunity to do my first official review for a cloth diaper - the Bee Changed bamboo diaper from The Little Bee Co. For each diaper purchased, this amazing company donates a cloth diaper to an orphan in need. Not only does The Little Bee Co. make quality diapers, their mission is to spread care and love to little ones in need by making cloth diapering a possibility for babies all around the world, even in the most difficult situations. More information can be found at their website or you can friend them on Facebook.

Baby Bee has worn this diaper approximately 1o times over the last several months and her weight range has been from 25-29 pounds. She weighed 29 pounds at the time the pictures were taken. Please keep in mind that this review reflects how this particular diaper fits and works for my Baby Bee; your results might be different. Now, on with the review!


Type: pocket

Fastening: strong snaps

Inserts: microfiber; hemp is also available for an additional cost; 2 inserts with a contoured newborn insert

Cover: bamboo inner lining; waterproof outer

Absorbency and Containment

Urine: I am pleased with the absorbency. Baby Bee has worn this diaper during awake time and during naps with no leak issues. I must note that she has worn this overnight one time stuffed with our usual hemp double inserts and she woke up with wet pajamas. She is a very heavy overnight wetter and leaks are pretty routine around here, regardless of what different mixture of diapers and inserts I have tried. She's even leaked while wearing disposable overnight diapers.

Solids: Baby Bee did have a messy situation (due to antibiotics), but it was all contained with no leaks thanks to a great fit around the legs. This diaper rinsed out quite easily with the diaper sprayer. I did have to pay special attention to the elastic area since snug elastic tends to make great hiding places for stool, but that shows that the elastic did its job.


Legs: The elastic is stretchy and comfortable. It also fits snugly; there were no gaps at all on Baby Bee.

Waist and Rise: I love the elastic waist in the front - it really makes for a perfect fit! The snaps are situated for a cross over fit. I love this feature because it allows for a customizable fit at the hips and waist, and the cross over makes it nice for rolling up and fastening soiled diapers.

Trimness: It fits about the same as some other pocket diapers I have, though it is slightly thicker due to the bamboo. In these pictures, the diaper is stuffed with the microfiber insert and the newborn insert added as a doubler.


Ease of use: They are just as quick and easy as changing disposables if they are stored stuffed. Stuffing a pocket diaper takes about 45 seconds for me; I always add a doubler and a liner.

Space/Storage: This diaper does take up more room compared to a disposable, but that's the nature of the beast with most cloth diapers.


Washing: I use the same routine for all of my diapers - no fabric softener; cold rinse, hot wash with detergent, and another cold rinse cycle or two to be sure all of the detergent is completely rinsed.

Drying: I have noticed that because of the bamboo, this pocket diaper takes a bit longer to dry than my microsuede pocket diapers. I generally hang all of my pockets on the clothes bar/drying rack and use the dryer only for the inserts. Most of my diapers are dry after spending overnight on the rack while my Little Bee diaper needs another hour to hour and a half to be completely dry.


Length of Use: This diaper is one size so the diaper should fit from 8-35 pounds. The Little Bee Co. also makes a newborn diaper that fits preemie-12 pounds.

Price: $14.94 (newborn diaper) $19.95 (microsuede) $21.95 (bamboo)

Final Comments

I really have no complaints about this diaper. It fits Baby Bee perfectly, does a good job absorbing and containing, and it's nice to know that by purchasing from this company, other children who are less fortunate than my own Baby Bee are also getting the chance to benefit from cloth diapering. Even the names of the diaper are a part of the mission as they represent the countries where so many of these needy orphans live. If I was building a stash from scratch, I would be very inclined to use Little Bee diapers for most, if not all, of my stash. Thank you, Little Bee Co., for a job well done!

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